Hunting Buffalo

I sit here in the middle of February and look out the window at nothing but snow. And this reminds me of buffalo hunting. After all of this time, the thing about buffalo hunts is they can happen in any weather, and at any time of the year. I have hunted them in the middle of summer, and I have ridden back from a hunt in 35  degree below zero weather. I have been on hunts where big bulls were taken, and I have been on hunts where small bulls or cows were taken. But a hunt is a hunt, and all of these hunts were taken by fair chase. A lot of people think hunting them is like shooting cows in a pasture, or “fish in a barrel.” A lot of my hunters have been surprised at the difficulty. Some have not, because with buffalo, as with any wild game, you run into situations where it is easy to stalk and shoot one. That is the thing about hunting them though, they are like any other game. They can be very difficult or very easy to take. They can be taken in warm or cold weather. At the end of the day though, they are hunted just like anything else, and will give you just as big of a thrill.